The Busy Boss Box is the perfect bundle of gifts for those of us who just forget to get something for that special someone. Now you can customize a box to send a year's worth of gifts and cards to your loved ones.


This box includes 1 card and 1 gift each for a birthday, a winter holiday of your choice, an anniversary, mother's day, congratulations or thinking of you, and valentine's day (a total of 6 cards and 6 gifts). This is a $196 value!


Here's how it works:

Step 1: Choose a theme! The themes are specially curated to include gifts of a specific design. Theme photos show the types of products included. Examples of items include sunglasses, journals, earrings, scrunchies, magnets, rings, plant pots, stickers, and art prints. Exact products you receive may vary depending on stock availability.

Step 2: Choose other holiday preferences. Then, we handpick cards and gifts for your special someone and individually wrap and label them in the box.

Step 3: You receive the box and can personalize the cards if you wish.
Step 4: Give or send the box to your loved one. They can open it all at once or save each labeled gift for the specific holiday.
Step 5: You win the Giftgiver of the Year award!


Here's a brief description of each theme:

Floral Fantasy: flower power never looked so good with these floral-themed gifts.

Sparkle Spaceship: go where no one has gone before with these otherworldly gifts.

Visceral Vibes: these spiritually charged gifts will send you to a higher plane.

Busy Boss Box 3rd Tier