Spread some colorful holiday cheer with these  super fun and faboulous Drag Queen holiday cards!


These note cards are printed on high quality heavy weight high gloss paper and opens to a blank page with no message inside. 


  • 5" x 7"
  • Includes 10 cards &  envelopes 
  • Includes  2  of each design

I have to tell you the story behind these cards!!!


Nova (my toddler) and I were coloring in her Christmas coloring book, and I told her that I wanted to give Santa some pink lipstick. She got very offended and told me that Santa doesn’t wear lipstick.


I told her that MY Santa wears lipstick and is a drag queen! We continue coloring our respective pages, and when I’m finished I ask her what she thought of my coloring job.


She shouts, “Santa is NOT a queen!”!


And that's when I decided that I  HAd to create a fabulous Santa Drag Queen holiday card!




Sleigh,Girl! Sleigh Holiday Cards (10 Pack)