"Vroom!" Funky Orange, Blue & Lime Toy Car Stretch Bracelet!


This ultra cute, edgy, and funky bracelet will drive it's way straight into your heart and your jewelry box! Handcrafted using real toy cars! This bracelet is stretchy and comes in multiple sizes.

The "Vroom!" Toy Car Bracelet was designed for the rebel in you and the fashionista or fashion Mista born to stand out!

Handmade with mad love by Timmery using real toy cars and an ultra sturdy stretch elastic.

The bracelet is adorned with 6 toy cars, and fits easily on a small or medium sized wrist. This bracelet comes in multiple sizes and is made per order. Feel free to ask about custom designs and colors!

This bracelet is incredibly versatile and will dress up any outfit, and is a great attention grabber and conversation starter.

Vroom! Funky Toy Car Stretch Bracelet