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Timmery, a true force to be reckoned with, has no difficultly embracing her out-of-the box creativity, her inner sparkle, and her love for the loud, wild & outrageous.


An artist in every sense of the word, Timmery, has managed to pursue all of her life's passions including Art, Fashion, Music, & Writing, all the while doing so in an ultra vivid and memorable manner.  


A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Los Angeles, with a degree in Fashion Design, as well as a graduate of the Los Angeles Recording School, Timmery, decided early on that she wanted to take her life and career into her own hands and create her own path and destiny.


Timmery spent almost a decade bouncing back and forth in between the Fashion and Music industries of Los Angeles.  Whether it be designing clothes for back up dancers, running her former jewelry line (1981 Collection), or performing her original music at some of Hollywood's hottest venues (The Viper Room, The Key Club, House of Blues & more), as well as, performing at underground clubs & Art events!


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Artist Self Portrait

All of this led to the creation of one of her greatest successes, Mad Girl Productions & Sugar Art and Fashion Show.


With Timmery at the realm infused with a passionate team, along with the unmatched power, magic and excitement that was Sugar,she, successfully led and completed 2 National Art & Fashion Tours, resulting with invites to produce events for New York Fashion Week, and gaining the attention of MTV & VH1!


With the help of her team, Timmery produced over 100 art, fashion, and music based events across the country in over 20 major cities, and has built a network containing over 3,000 creatives nationwide.


In 2010, Timmery began writing a quarterly column based after her wild and eclectic life, 'Mad Girl Diaries,' for the L.A based fashion publication, Tinsel Tokyo Magazine. 


Since, Timmery has been a journalist for the online magazine, Shock Value Magazine, and a writer for Nashville's, The Connect Magazine.

She now resides in Nashville with her fiance and toddler daughter, Nova. When she's not creating art, she can be found globe trotting, dancing in the kitchen, day dreaming, and doing the occasional activist work.


Timmery continues to expand her mark and leave a lasting and sparkling impression in the industry and everyone she meets with a creative and off the wall touch only a true Mad Girl could possess.