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We all posses our own unique brand of MAGIC that is waiting to be unlocked, shared, and sprinkled on the world around us. When we believe in ourselves and our journeys, and allow our inner rebel rainbow unicorn to fly high, we inspire others and create miraculous and magically colorful moments full of faith, fortitude, freedom, and fun!


This 52-card affirmation deck was created with the spirtual bad ass in mind who's dedicated to growth in their journey and appreciate an out of the box approach that inspires creativity and ignites action, self love, and freedom of expression.


Each card contains original artwork by Timmery and a message (affirmation) to apply to your current situation, day, or week. Every message was thoughtfully written by Timmery inspired by her own creative entreprenuerial and spiritual journey.

Every deck comes with a crystal quartz point, which is known to be the most powerful healing stone and can be used with meditation and manifesting.


My wish to you is that this deck will encourage you to strengthen your belief in your unique brand of MAGIC and share it with the world! - Timmery

Manifesting Your Magic Affirmation Deck

  • Please note that Timmery prints, cuts and assembles each of the decks herself. This means patience may be required when ordering this deck, as they’re currently made print to order. Please allow up to 7 business days before your deck is shipped out! It will be worth the wait….we promise!

    *All decks printed and assembled by TIMMERY on high quality paper. Know that a piece of herself goes into every single deck!

  • 3.5 x 5 (inches)

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