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Look good and feel amazing while you pretend to workout or actually work out in Timmery’s new “Mom I’d Like to Be Friends With” Yoga Leggings and Logline Sports Bra!

Designed with you in mind with fun & bold prints, wide high elastic waistline, comfortable, soft fabric and the most flattering fit for all body types.

This All-Over Print Longline Sports Bra offers excellent support during medium to high-intensity exercise. It’s made from compression fabric, has a double-layered front, and less stretchy fabric detail in shoulder straps for extra support. The bra’s feminine, longline silhouette makes it the perfect workout bra or a chic streetwear top.

•n by our expert in-house team

Mom I’d Like to be With Yoga Fit (Party)

  • These are made to order, so please allow up to three weeks to recieve your product! Thank you for your patience and for supporting my brand as I rebuild!

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