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Timmery Apparel Line Questionnaire
1. Are you aware of my new clothing line launch?
2. How did you first hear about my new clothing line?
3. What were your initial impressions of my new clothing line launch based on the promotional materials or information you have seen?
11. Is my new clothing line afforadable to you ($35 - $150)?
12. Have you see my new IG reels promoting my clothing line?
13. How did you feel about the promotional reels?
5. How likely are you to purchase clothing items from my new line?
15. How well do you feel our new clothing line caters to your personal style and preferences?
Soooo not my styleIf you twist my arm I might wear some of itI could see myself rocking some thingsI would rock it!Girl, did you design this line with me in mind?!
16. Are you more likely to purchase clothing items that are endorsed or worn by celebrities/influencers?
17. How likely are you to recommend a clothing brand to others based on your experience?
9. Please rate how you feel about the collection name "Mom I'd Like to Be Friends With"
Hate itDon't like or love itDon't really get itLikeLove

Thank you so much for the feedback! I am so grateful to you! You will receive a coupon to shop sent your email upon completion of the survey!

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